A downloadable game for Windows

Chroma Blast is a fast paced top-down shooter in which you control two characters in a Cyberpunk world. 

Shoot, dodge and kill any enemy in your way as you try to overthrow a goverment that controls the population through a drug called Chroma.

(This is a prototype and a large part of the game including its assets are open to change.)

Install instructions

Download and unzip, open ChromaBlast.exe and enjoy the game!


Movement: WASD
Dash: Shift
Shoot: M1
Ability: M2
Swap Characters: Q


Chroma Blast Build.rar 97 MB
Chroma Blast - GDD V1.6.docx 50 kB


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Last boss is crazy no additional health in boss fight?

Thank you for your feedback! We have noticed a sudden spike in difficulty when it comes to the boss fight as you experienced, we will be working on that on our next patch as well as making the other enemies more challenging.

We've also noticed that most players don't realize that using the special power-up consumes health and we will make it more obvious on our next installment. We hope you enjoyed the test and keep an eye out for our updates!

-The Chroma Goggles Team.

and Please add some extra health like when we kill enemies some of them drop health. :) 

Enemies automatically heal you when killed, we haven't had the time to prototype a health pick-up system but is next in the line of features.

Thanks for the reply!

-The Chroma Goggles Team

I never noticed that anyways thanks for your hard work :)